Prophet AI for Security Operations

Investigate alerts and respond to threats with unparalleled speed and precision while empowering your analysts and safeguarding your data

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Triaging and Investigating Alerts is Broken

Alert Fatigue

You're inundated with alerts, beyond capacity for triage

Missed Detections

You throttle detections to match capacity

High Cost

It takes 15 minutes - 2 hours to investigate a single alert

Low Morale

Manual, repetitive tasks lead to burnout and attrition

Failed Automation

SOAR tools are complex to implement and maintain

Critical alerts are missed or investigated late, increasing risk

Meet Prophet AI for Security Operations

Assists your analysts at every step and learns from their feedback



Synthesizes complex alerts from disparate tools into plain English

“version”: “0”
“severity”: “INFO”
“client”: {
“zone”: “OFF_NETWORK”,
“device”: “Unknown”: {
“os”: “Unknown”
“browser”: “Unknown”
“rawUserAgent”: “UNKNOWN-DOWNLOAD”
“ipAddress”: “”
“actor”: {
“id”: “00u1qw1mqitPHM8AJ0g7”
“type”: “User”,
Alert from

User attempted to authenticate to SSO multiple times from a new IP
attempted to authentice as
James Cook

6 unsuccessful authentication attempts

1 successful authentication attempt



Arrives at an investigative determination with clear explanation and evidence

True Positive
Account Takeover


James Cook

‘s account was compromised



Emulates expert analysts by gathering and analyzing all relevant data

When was initial access?

Was this activity normal for the user?

What happened during this user session?

Have we seen this activity elsewhere?



Prioritizes critical alerts that warrant your team's attention with explicit next steps

Investigation name
Anomalous API calls by iam:sqs_helper
True Positive
Geo-impossible travel by sorange
True Positive
Malicious DNS request from
False Positive


Learns from analyst feedback and continuously adapts to your organization

A tangible impact at all levels

Lower MTTR

Empower analysts to respond to alerts 10X faster

Lower risk

Focus on high priority alerts to deliver better security

Higher impact

Reduce manual tasks and achieve more with less

Higher ROI

Maximize the value of your existing security tools

The Prophet Advantage

Protect your privacy

Your sensitive data is never used to train LLMs, preventing data leakage

Keep analysts in charge

Provides visibility into findings and evidence for review and feedback

Integrate seamlessly

Works hand-in-glove with your security tools and collaboration workflows

What Security Leaders Say


Security analysts spend an inordinate amount of time piecing together parts of a puzzle during an incident. With the power of contextual analysis and generative AI, Prophet drastically reduces the analysis time.


Ashish Popli

Ashish Popli

CISO at Spotnana


Many security operations teams suffer with high alert volume, manual processes and siloed data sources. Prophet's innovative approach solves these challenges head on.


David Tsao

David Tsao

CISO at Instacart


Triaging and investigating alerts is a painful and costly problem. Prophet Security is a force multiplier for security teams that effectively eliminate these hurdles.


Jon Hencinski

Jon Hencinski

Former VP of Security Operations, Expel


Underneath all the hype around LLMs is a powerful technology that is actually incredibly good at security. Prophet is doing this the right way and every SecOps team stands to benefit.


Ryan Noon

Ryan Noon

Cofounder and Chairman, Material Security


Cyber's traditionally had an actionability problem: how do you quickly investigate and resolve GuardDuty and other custom security alerts in cloud environments? GuardDuty raises security questions, Prophet AI answers them.


Nancy Wang

Nancy Wang

Former GM of Data Protection, AWS


Prophet Security is a game-changer for how security analysts triage and investigate alerts. Analysts can finally say goodbye to manual tedious tasks and focus on security issues that matter.


Travis McPeak

Travis McPeak

Former Head of Product Security, Databricks

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